Mr. Howard Benjamin Austin (July 27, 1886 - April 1, 1962) wrote many poems and other writings during his lifetime. This quick witted man had a deep faith and possessed a unique ability to write poetry about events while they were happening; delivering them immediately in song or speech.

On January 14, 1936 Mr. Austin was designated Poet Laureate of the State Of Illinois by Governor Henry Horner. The governor was often the subject of Mr. Austin's more witty poems.

In addition to his strong patriotism and political interests, Mr. Austin was a family man. He married Violet May Arthur July 23, 1921, and they were the parents of four children. Betty Ruth, William Roger, and Arthur Dean are still living. Howard Robert passed away January 25, 2001.

All who knew him, saw him as a friend they could count on.

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