Another year has quickly gone,
And now 'tis Christmas time.
We meet again on this glad day,
Hear in our hearts the chime
Of bells of joy, of Peace, Good-Will,
And all is sweet, serene;
Refining fire to purify,
Our souls with love are clean.

Unbroken ties, my heart beats strong
With gratitude today.
No erring feet have from us strayed,
Nor sought the crooked way.
But childhood's sparkle in your eyes,
Your memories are mine,
And Christmas touches human hearts
With God's own love Divine.

Mother and Dad we'll always be;
For us the way not long.
Yet we would give our very lives
To shield our flock from wrong.
You've loyal been, you've warmed our hearts,
For us no vague regret
If throughout life you each and all
In mem'ry ne'er forget

The home, the love, the work, the play,
Cooperation' s might:
And guiding hands that ever strove
For justice, truth and right.
And when we leave you, enter through
The "Veil Of Mystery";
We'll realize our answered prayers,
"Unbroken Family".

Dad (H. B. Austin)