We Five

When mem'ry keeps us company
Down through the coming years;
And in review pass yesterdays,
Their laughter and their tears:
We'll live again our childhood days,
Their clean soul-warming charm;
As 'round us group the ones we loved
Down on the old home farm.

Those days have gone and with them passed
True faith in things that are;
'Tis hard to tread the forest dark
With eyes upon a star:
Yet, through the gloom of darkest night
A light is shining clear;
Our fundamental love and hope,
'Tis ours to warm and cheer.

We gather here and honor do
To Mother and to Dad;
Recount our blessings o'er and o'er
And all the joys we've had:
But in our souls a shadow dark,
Life's clock now faster ticks;
Not long ago were gathered 'round
Sisters and Brothers "Six".

We do not mourn nor wish them back
As at their graves we bow;
For if our faith has stood the test,
We know they're living now.
With peaceful hearts, serene, content,
Yet, memories alive;
The world shut out for you and me -
This sacred night we're "Five".

Let's forward look, and though we meet
With "Five", "Four", "Three", or "Two";
Let's face the future bright or dark
With constant courage true.
Regrets and disillusionments
Dissolve with love's bright sun;
Enough to know that now as then,
Our family is "One".

By: Howard