A Mothers' Day Image

The years reflect an image,
An image of you and me.
Reflect expressions sad and wan,
Or smiles of ecstasy.
Recorded are the little. things,
Each loving kindness shown;
An open book that we may see,
A record true, our own.

Reflected are the laughing eyes,
Grandchildren filled with glee;
Or soulful groans from aching joints
Of old folks. You and me.
And side by side we're looking
Into this magic glass;
And stand amazed at what we see -
No longer lad and lass.

The tiny wrinkles zig and zag,
We're aging, can't deny;
Get up and go has up and went -
'Tis not for me to sigh.
Three score fifteen and three score six,
An old time Ma and Pa;
Our speech is gone, can only look,
O'ercome with blighting awe.

The hair shows thin on the old boy's dome,
Ma's locks are tinged with gray;
A long way back twixt now and then,
From December's cold to May.
They say the snows have fallen,
Of life a vital part;
But the joyful warmth of summer
Abides within our hearts.

Now 'tis the day for remembering
Our mothers, bless them all.
A day to dream and reminisce,
A day to heed the call
Of tenderness and wondrous love
To guide us on our way;
And may this image e'er be yours
On this glad "Mothers' Day".

With love,

May 14, 1961