Fathers' Day

Of special days I'm well aware,
There's Christmas and New Year;
President's birthdays celebrate
With happiness or tear:
There's Mother's Day and July 4
And the 30th Day of May;
The Armistice and Thanksgiving--
But what is "Fathers' Day?"

Dads oftentimes are in a daze,
And need a mental crutch;
They work all day, about fagged out,
Then lawns to mow and such.
A hundred chores unfinished still,
Though down he fain would lay;
Twelve hours not too much for Dad;
That must be "Fathers' Day."

The windows wash, put up the screens,
The garden must be hoed;
The weeds to pull, the basement clean,
The old man's back is bowed.
Shine up the bathroom, "vac" the rugs,
The old buck toils away;
He hears much talk of manly sports--
No part of "Fathers' Day."

He shines the car real spick-and-span
From turret-top to spokes;
Labor of love, for well he serves,
As chauffeur for his folks.
For gas and oil, bills for repairs.
It's Dad who has to pay;
Garage he cleans with longings vague
For fairer "Fathers' Day."

He hits the hay at ten o'clock
You'd think for peaceful sleep;
But radios and voices loud--
The old boy counting sheep
Alarm sounds off at six o'clock,
He hears it with dismay;
His stiffened joints creak out of bed--
A brand new "Father' Day."

I s'pose when Gabriel blows is born
And most folks' toil is through;
That Dad will say, "Gabe, wait a bit,
I've got more work to do."
And late he knocks at Heaven's Gate,
But sadly turns away;
With the Devil's help he'll celebrate
A red hot "Fathers' Day".

by: Howard B. Austin