Adlai Stevenson

This poem was written for Adlai's presidential campaign. It was to be sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean."

We sing of the man of the hour,
Who gave his reluctant consent
To leave the old mansion in Springfield
To be our beloved President.


Adlai, Adlai,
He's ready and willing and we're content;
Adlai Stevenson
We hail as our next President.

They met in G O P Convention,
We know that the Elephant grieves;
The Tafts and the Deweys outspoken,
Each branded the other as thieves.

Such language! Oh my what a pity,
It threw ev'rything out of joint;
The Democrat Donkey is braying,
It seems that they both proved their point.

"For Bob or for Ike", was the question,
They battled with venom and vim;
The Gen'ral was losing 'til Dewey
Sailed in, did his fighting for him.

Now Nominee Ike on the rampage,
The General broke ev'ry rule;
The Elephant he started riding,
Then tried out at mounting the Mule.

And Taft had gone out on vacation,
Without even saying a word;
Tuned in on the General's speeches,
And grew wild at what he had heard.

He came back to meet with the Gen'ral,
And under the collar was hot;
And made the "Great Soldier" surrender,
Without even firing a shot.

We all looked on Ike as a hero,
He did what few others would do;
He sold out his friend Thomas Dewey,
And he'll do the same thing to you.

The North and the South are for Adlai,
The campaign will heal any scars;
When struck by a landslide of voters,
Then Ike will see more than Five Stars.

H. B. Austin