Just To Be A Dad

You strive for fame and fortune,
You gaze upon the stars;
Enraptured view the distant goal
With ne'er a thought that mars;
But of all life's sweetest treasures
That mortal ever had,
It wondrous close to Heaven seems
Just to be a Dad.

When children come into the home
From mystic realms apart;
Like dancing sunbeams warm and glow
And cheer the burdened heart:
You dream rare dreams of future days,
"Those chaps with honor clad";
Life seems to hold no greater joy
Than just to be a Dad.

A little boy, a little girl,
Young souls athirst for life;
Young hearts aflame with expectancy,
Embittered not by strife:
A loving hand to chart their course,
That little lass and lad;
Sweet confidence, love's pure intent:
Depending on their Dad.

The little boy to manhood grown,
Clear eyed and unafraid;
To see him now, those childhood days
Grow dim and seem to fade.
Your steps begin to falter
And you dream of joys you've had;
That stalwart son is standing by,
Protecting his old Dad.

The little girl has blossomed
Like a rosebud in the sun.
With Mother's eyes and tender smile,
The lass whose heart you won;
Another home now claims her,
You're cast down and feeling sad.
'Tis not all a bed of roses
Just to be a Dad.

But hark, a sound of music
Comes pulsing through the gloom.
Your heart awakes with expectancy,
Expands to give it room.
'Tis the lilt of childish laughter,
Arouse old friend, be glad.
You're one step nearer Paradise;
A loving, proud Granddad.

H. B. Austin