Lady Fair

Listen to me, Lady Fair,
With thy gaily hennaed hair;
With thy nails a luscious red,
Like thy fairy hands had bled:
With thy toe-nails peeping through,
Polished to a livid hue.
Works of art can ne'er compare
With a modern Lady Fair

Know thy Hollywood by heart,
Information you impart
'Bout celebrities "On the Air"
Know your facts and some to spare.
Personal lives of this and that one,
Love the thin and scorn the fat one:
Evil glamorously good
If it hails from Hollywood.

Whispering in blank dismay
Through your idle, pointless day
'Bout some female undefiled,
Who by glamour unbeguiled,
Ne'er would idleness condone,
Loves her simple, little home;
Bearing children by the pair
Sorely grieves you, Lady Fair.

Breathing smoke from cigarette,
Fam'ly ties would fain forget;
If from conscience one faint flicker
Dull the pain with potent liquor.
Through a fog of vain pretense,
With disdain views common-sense,
Feeds on jealousies and strife,
Bored by faithful, loving wife.

Time Marches On and age advances,
Youth has lost its glorious chances;
Wrinkled face and fumbling fingers,
Not one spark of glamour lingers.
Whimpering and sad lamenting,
Bitter tears and vain repenting;
Not one hoped for thing in life,
Pitied by the faithful wife.

By: Howard B. Austin