Choose This Day

To like or not to like, it seems
Is human nature's bent;
We may have cause or we may not,
Yet, ne'ertheless content.
From high to low 'twas ever thus,
Dark prejudice holds sway,
And men of note conduct themselves
In a childish sort of way.

In Convention held in '52
By warriors of G O P,
Senator Dirksen held to one idea
With great tenacity.
While he denounced the General's friends
As those who'd boldly rob,
He beat his breast, "I Don't Like Ike,
For I Am Liking Bob".

The fates decreed that the General
Would the Party's standard bear;
From all about he heard the shout,
"We Like Ike", everywhere.
The campaign then was waxing hot,
The issues well defined,
And the Senator in great alarm
Feared being left behind.

He saw the writing on the wall,
He'd had his day of grace;
And pondered sadly in his gloom
How he could best save face.
And as the contest hotter grew
He quickly wheeled his bike,
And from the platform shouted loud,
"My Dear Friends, I Like Ike".

The months have flown, and frequently
We've seen a name in print.
The front page made repeatedly
By any sort o' stint.
And many voices (some are stilled)
But Dirksen's you will know,
Gave out the fact "B'lieve It Or Not",
"I Like Both Ike And Joe".

If he likes Ike, I can't object,
If he likes Joe, O K;
But can it be he does not know
'Tis the parting of the way.
If he likes Ike, he can't like Joe,
Or the other way around;
If he likes Joe, he can't like Ike,
The reasoning is sound.

The flips and flops of politics,
They leave us all confused;
With priv'leges and immunities,
And all to oft abused.
The quick-change artist's lightning shifts
Have minimized his weight;
From Bob to Ike to Joe to WHAT?
The answer seals his fate.

Once on a time a sinful wretch
On Sunday knelt to pray;
All through the week he "hit it up"
In a hardboiled sinful way.
The preacher said, "Why are you thus,
For you my heart is sad".
The answer came, "I Love The Lord,
But Hate To Make The Devil Mad".

H. B. Austin