Man and Wife

Do we sense a discord sounding,
In the Autumn air a chill?
For to "Honor and Obey" him -
Didn't hear her say "I Will".
Could it be in a modern marriage
There is little cause for doubt;
Slip the person something extra,
He agrees to leave that out.

Best regards to "Les & Shirley",
Maybe wrong, I must confess;
Should I just say "Les & Shirley"
Or perhaps "Shirley & Les"?
First came man, 'cording to scripture,
"Op'ration Rib" sure made him wince:
And if true the things I'm hearing,
She's been ribbin' him ever since.

Life is yours, to make or mar it;
Loyal be unto the end.
May your future ever glorious
Constitute the perfect blend
Of a lifetime filled with service,
Happiness, serenity;
May God's blessings e'er be with you
Now and through eternity.

By: H. B. Austin