My Prayers

I knelt in prayer at the close of day,
In faith asked Him above
To give me even greater faith,
And of his boundless love.
I prayed for help in my daily tasks,
To lighter make the load;
I asked for material benefits
To smooth my rugged road.

And without ceasing rose my prayers,
And asking more and more;
But felt no answering evidence.
My lot was as before.
Unanswered prayers ... My mind was caught
In terrible confusion;
And could it be that Answered Prayer
Was but a sad illusion?

I do not know, I cannot say
How the change came to my heart;
For when I prayed, not as before;
I found the better part.
I thanked Almighty God for strength,
For health, for love, for life;
I thanked Him for my children dear
And for my loyal wife.

I thanked Him for the flowers, the trees,
All things that He had wrought;
I thanked Him for all blessings had,
And in my heart I sought
To worthy be for wondrous gifts
From out a loving hand;
And tried to be a working part
Of life, as God had planned.

And then, a wondrous miracle.
I know not how nor when;
My "Asking Prayers" were answered,
And I searched my heart again.
And backward looked for reasons why
And pondered constantly.
And found, "If I would have, receive;
That I must worthy be."

By: H. B. Austin 10/6/58