Reunion Time

In the month of May each busy year
My heart begins to yearn;
Fond mem'ries crowding thick and fast
My pulses strike a faster rhythm
For those whom I hold dear;
You know the symptoms, every one;
"Reunion Time Is Here".

I see the maples in the yard,
Protecting shadows cast,
That seem to beckon me to share
Sweet Mem'ries of the past.
The velvet cushion of the grass
And adds to the pretense,
That once again I view with pride
That clear, white picket fence.

I see the fields across the way,
An undulating green;
And walk again between the rows
In peacefulness serene.
And lazy flows Mosquito creek -
The bank just where I sat,
And paying for the chance to land
A great, big, whopping cat.

The old house there that was our home,
Each living, vibrant room;
They seemed to soothe my jaded nerves,
Dispel all sense of gloom.
The sunshine of our love had warmed
'Til time can bring no chill;
But pulsing, throbbing memories,
E'en now our hearts would fill.

We're back again to yesterday,
When we were girls and boys.
Relive each thrilling, glad event,
And count the boundless joys.
We hold them warm within our souls,
With lightened hearts we vow,
That "We will bridge the widening gulf,
The span from then to now".

Yes, we have journeyed through the years,
At times our compass lost;
We've wandered here, we've wandered there,
Nor knew the way, nor cost.
But instinct true that God bestows
As all his creatures roam;
Unerring, straight as homing bee,
The way leads back to home.

And here within these hallowed walls
Once more we're seeing clear,
And loving hands are guiding us;
We feel a "Presence" near.
Like fond caress our Mother's smile
Speaks peace to troubled hearts;
Our practical and loving Dad
Would stay the tear that starts -

And bid us journey without fear
Where e'er our steps may lead;
For we have safe within our hearts
The food for ev'ry need.
Would bid us forward look, yet hold
The loves and joys we've had;
And keep our mem'ries green for them,
For Mother and for Dad.

By: Howard B. Austin
May, 1952