The Golden Years

Written for presentation at George & May Muirheid's golden wedding anniversary. May was Howard's sister.

Today my Mem'ries haunt me
As I look back through the years;
Reviewing boyhood happiness
And somehow skip the tears.
The school, the church, the neighborhood
All seemed a vital part;
And work or play made a perfect day;
Now dear to an old boy's heart.

All things not clear as I'm lookin back,
And view with frank amaze
The change on change that has taken place
Since the "Horse and Buggy Days".
I s'pose the hours are just as long,
The sunshine just as bright;
The flowers that bloom are just as sweet,
Nor stiller is the night.

I know that love is just as strong,
Our loved ones just as dear.
I know oft times the breaking heart
Is soothed by the flowing tear;
And memory is but a balm
To bridge from now to then,
The heartthrobs sweet of yesterday
Now come as a Grand Amen.

And now today in this hallowed spot,
'Twould seem somehow I've strayed
From the happenings of years ago;
And dim they seem to fade.
But there are times when an old chap's mind
Turns back the hours anew,
And bright and clear in focus true
All things pass in review.

I remember the names and the faces well
Of the girls and the boys I knew;
I see the "Frost on the Punkin",
Or the pastures wet with dew.
I hear dull thuds on the "Bump-Boards",
Of rythmic cadence born
When from far and near at the Fall of the year
Heaped high the golden corn.

An especial date comes smiling through,
'Tis not for me to falter;
'Tis coupled with another time
When we broke a colt to the halter.
The important time I'm remembering,
We were all light-hearted, gay,
When in Nineteen Hundred Seven
George Muirheid married May.

Now that's a date to reckon with;
A young man husky, strong,
Had wooed and won a farm girl sweet,
And in his heart a song.
The shy young lass gave trust and love,
To him she'd e'er be true,
And faced the future unafraid.
Today plights faith anew.

Yes, today their eyes a'sparkle,
Give them the word that cheers.
They've won a golden Medal,
Trod the same road fifty years.
Half a Century of striving,
Open hearts to old and young;
From North and South, from East and West
We hear their praises sung.

They've toiled with faith through cold and heat,
Found time to rear their brood;
Adopted the philosophy
That "All things work for Good".
Nor questioning the Hand of God,
Accepted His great plan,
"Just to live in a house by the side of the road,
And be a friend to man".

You have seen them sad and worried,
You've seen them blithe and gay;
Toss sweet verbal bouquets to them.
Bouguets for George & May.
They have reached another milestone,
Defeats and vict'ries won;
Now they pause and looking backward
Just to see how far they've gone.

Down the trail they see are gathered
Descendants, wondrous dear.
Children, Grand and Great-Grand-Children,
And loving greetings hear.
And they see a host of neighbors,
Warm friendships they have earned;
Be a neighbor, have a neighbor -
Life's lesson early learned.

Long the way, the sweet, the bitter,
Straight the paths these two have trod;
Helping hands to all extended
With a sublime faith in God.
Both love and pride are in their eyes,
Have plumbed life's mystery;
And in their hearts a prayer of thanks -
"Unbroken Family".

Were I now to toast this couple
Who have traveled oh so far,
And advise the newly wedded,
"Hitch your wagon to a star".
Why somehow mere words would fail me,
Can not say what's in my heart,
For my tongue can not express it.
I merely dry the tears that start.

May Almighty God in kindness
Give strength for many years;
May they know the glad possession
Of the faith that warms, endears.
May no blight nor grief assail them,
Their loyalties to smother,
I merely say, "God Bless You,
May my Sister, George my brother".