The Old And The New

I stopped and pondered recently
When driving down the street.
I saw a vacant, lonely spot
Where oft we used to meet:
A yawning crater in the earth,
And in my heart was pain.
That dedicated House Of God,
I ne'er would see again.

The roof was gone, the pews removed,
The walls demolished too;
And I was told, "Of necessity,
To make way for the new".
The Baptistry I did not see,
It too was gone from sight;
That holy place where hungry souls
Have seen the "Sacred Light".

Thousands there were and penitent,
And humbly asked in prayer
For waters' healing, soothing balm
To make them clean, prepare
For bliss eternal with the Lord
When earthly life was done.
'Twas there they found enduring peace,
A glorious vict'ry won.

The voices raised in songs of praise,
Souls filled with joy sublime;
Secure and strong, undoubting faith,
Hearts beat in perfect rhyme.
And taking up the Christian's Cross
Meant responsibility;
Yet, faced the future unafraid
With deep humility.

Now, we are left with memories,
Mem'ries that bless and burn.
We often dream of our yesterdays,
And 'though they'll ne'er return
We've present hopes, inspirations strong
To blaze a clearer trail.
To chart the course of accomplishment -
In truth we can not fail

For if we hold fast to the hand
Of the Immortal One;
In constancy with faith and trust
Until the day is done:
He'll, crown our efforts, bless our lives,
In faith we'll surely know
That He'll go with us all the way,
Wherever we may go.

The old is passed, but is not gone.
It points to greater goals
Where working, striving side by side
We strengthen precious souls
To greater courage, stronger faith,
And know that He'll endue
With blessings sweet forevermore.
The OLD blend with the NEW.

H. B. Austin