Sell Your Own

In these days when world tension is at an all time high; at this time when we as a nation are in greater danger than at any previous time in our history; we are being confused and are being led astray by diversionary tactics. At times they are by those whom we believe to be friends, but all too often by the proverbial man "With An Axe To Grind".

We seem to have forgotten the positive approach. We are merely against something. We are excited and alarmed over the advance of Communism and it is so much in our thinking that our pronouncements are but rarely broadcasting the story of the glorious freedom that is ours, and holding up so that all may see the Stars and Stripes, the emblem of liberty and justice for all.

One of the chief admonitions to a salesman is "SELL YOUR OWN".

There are but few American citizens who are not justifiably proud of the Constitution of the United States. Yet, in the heat of a political campaign, its guarantees are held as nothing, and those who have prospered under our government are dragging Old Glory in the dust. We are guaranteed religious freedom, and just now there are many who would crucify another merely because of different teachings or a different outlook. It is no accident that religious bigotry raises its head and with hypocritical, holier than thou statements spew the poison of intolerance into the hearts and minds of our citizens.

How thrilled are the Communists of Russia on seeing our people bent on destroying themselves. "A House Divided Can Not Stand".

What are the issues of this campaign? What man among you has listened to any issues excepting the pernicious filth that is flowing from the poisoned pens of those who innocently or otherwise, are fostering far more evil and moral destruction than can ever come from an atomic attack by our enemies;

Need I say that this is in great part from those who are merely playing for political advantage. In the beginning of the campaign, typed sheets of poison were secretly passed from hand to hand, and search as you would, they were all anonymous and the name of the author was carefully withheld. But now, those same dealers in half truths and outright fabrications are boldly organizing groups and with the true mob spirit have become increasingly bold. There has been no voice raised in high places to check this pernicious onslaught. A George Washington or an Abraham Lincoln would have blasted every action of this sort and would have branded every perpetrator as a traitor to his country.

The voters of the United States are hoping to elect a President. They want a man with a steady hand at the helm of government, and incidentally this is neither the time nor the place to place any religious organization on trial.

In the name of reason; can we not be FOR something? If either candidate is so weak where abilities are concerned that he can not stand up as a potential leader, then assuredly he should go down to defeat. Is it not an admission of weakness when we would strive to break the legs of the opposing horse entered in the race?

Many who have loudly denounced the activities of the "Klan" are whole-heartedly nourishing the same identical, unreasoning and definitely immoral and unchristian motives. If you are a voter of intelligence, sit calmly and clear your mind of all prejudice. If you believe in the existence of a Supreme being, get down on your knees and listen to the voice of Almighty God.

H. B. Austin