Our Foundation

When busy years have mellowed us,
And we would shift the load
Of present happenings and look
Back on life's rugged road;
Our childhood days in retrospect
Importance new would lend,
And tracing through a pattern clear,
And governing life's trend.

A long, long way for you and me,
Were joy and sorrow's guest;
We've weathered storms and bitter cold,
With sunshine we've been blest.
But if a structure we would build
To staunchly stand, and long;
The first and foremost requisite,
"A firm foundation strong".

And now, for more than three score years,
We each have built, and view
An edifice that's good or bad.
We're seeing me or you.
At times our square and compass lost,
And planning with a prayer;
And taking heart we built anew,
For firm foundation's there.

What constitutes that basic rock
On which in faith we build;
And from what source the will to do,
With which our hearts are filled?
'Tis not by chance that we hold fast
To principles of right.
It is not fate that you or I
Could know an inner light.

But years ago a child was born,
He came of sturdy stock;
His ancestors were pioneers,
Integrity a rock
On which he based his ev'ry deed;
He sterling courage had -
Our memories are keen tonight,
For that man was our Dad.

A modest girl of tender years,
He wooed and won and wed;
A virgin pure, unspoiled and sweet
He to the altar led.
No taint, no guile was in her heart,
No wayward past to smother;
Sincere and true in constancy
And she became our mother.