My Flag

My flag, thy stars are glowing
Within a field of blue;
A troubled World are showing
A Union staunch and true.
Thy Red, like life-blood flowing,
Thy, White, clean, pure and true;
And onward bravely going,
The Red, the White, the Blue.

My flag, thy dazzling beauty
With rippling folds sublime,
Now calls for faith and duty;
I hear the pulsing chime
Of bells of freedom ringing
O'er all this vast domain;
The patriots voices singing,
"We're On The March Again."

My flag, my heart is throbbing
In cadence old, yet new;
Thy folds will hush the sobbing,
With gladd'ning hope imbue
The souls of men in bondage,
And 'rouse from bleak despair
By thy life giving anchorage;
In answer to their prayer.

H. B. Austin